Dietary Nutrition

Pregnancy Diet HelpWe have a Dietitian to help with weight gain and loss during pregnancy, and after birth, as well as healthy eating during breastfeeding. This is an in home visit at an hourly rate with follow up.

Newborn Dietary Consultant

You will be working one on one with our dietitian and going over your personal needs and concerns in order to receive optimal results. She specializes from pre-conception to postpartum and breastfeeding and will help you through all the ups and downs of these strenuous time on your body.

We now offer a support group and classes for fertility, pregnancy, lactation, postpartum weight loss.

Nutrition and Fertility

This time of excitement and extreme stress in your life can be an emotional roller coaster for you and your partner. Does diet affect fertility? Yes! Not only can we go over ways to increase fertility with both women and men, we go over the importance of your diet during this time leading into your pregnancy. We are providing one on one meetings with families as well as groups offered in various location that will be posted on our page weekly.

Nutrition and Pregnancy

During such a crucial time in your babies’ development it is important to consider everything going into mommy and babies system. From trimester to trimester your appetite will differ as well as your nutritional needs. We provide one on one meeting to establish a diet as well as offer a weekly group which we will post on our page that you may attend. Please call for a reservation.

This class is a great way for moms to learn how to care for themselves and baby during pregnancy. We will go over good eating habits, ways to reach optimal healthy eating at this critical time, reviewing your prenatal vitamins, and how food can ease some pregnancy pains. Good nutrition is a way to help you feel your best , maintain healthy weight gain, encourage good eating for you and baby for your future together. We will go into detail what the exact nutritional needs mom and baby need and how to get these needs met with foods alone.

We also offer nutrient dense meals that can be delivered to your home!

Nutrition and Breastfeeding

Did you know you are burning more calories now then you were when you were pregnant? For successful breastfeeding you need to know how much to eat, what to eat, ways to increase milk supply as baby grows, and foods to help with allergenic infants. With so much to go over and the constant changes that occur during breast feeding we offer one on one consultations or a group meeting.

Nutrition and postpartum weight loss

How to loss those last few pounds? Now that you are no longer breastfeeding and ready to lose that last bit of weight we can go over a personal diet plan made for you and your lifestyle. with detailed meal plans and weekly updates this will get you back to pre- pregnancy weight or better. We offer one on one support to get started and have follow ups in group settings or we can continue with the one on ones.

when do I take them?
what kind?

How long do I take prenatal vitamins and why?

It is safe to say most women need a prenatal vitamin before and during pregnancy. It is much harder to decide which ones to take. We have a Dietician offering classes focused on just vitamins. So that you and baby are getting exactly what you need throughout conception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

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Starting Solids: 6-9 months

Starting solids is good, messy, healthy fun! The science and art of starting solids for your baby is very compelling. When babies are allowed to feed themselves they are much better able to self regulate and explore foods in a safe manner. Breastmilk teaches a baby about the flavors of foods the family eats. Cultures that eat spicy foods have mothers with spicy tasting breastmilk. When babies are not forced to eat, they honor their own satiety and have less risk of over-eating later in life. Babies won’t eat anything they are not ready to consume. If they have fed themselves in a sitting up posture they will spit out what they can’t swallow. Solids don’t replace breastmilk or formula feeds until a baby is past their first birthday

We offer this in a one on one consult, class setting , or group of your friends in your home.

Starting Solids 2:9-12 months

Now that your baby is beginning to explore and eat solids, come learn the nutritional needs of the older infant. We explore more complex textures with foods and allow your older infant the opportunity to try new foods. This will focus less on the introduction to foods and allergies and more on the combinations of meals , ways to get optimal absorption, and creating a balanced daily diet.

This class covers infant digestion development, important nutrients for your growing infant, the best foods to provide the nutrients your baby needs, how to support a healthy balanced diet, and more.

We offer this in a one on one consult, class setting , or group of your friends in your home.

Nutrition for your Toddler:

Do you have a picky eater?? There is a way to help them out and get through this time with ease. If you do not want a chicken nugget and mac and cheese eating toddler then it is important to expose them to new foods as soon as possible. We have a fun time getting messy and playing with different shapes, sizes, textures, and all around unique foods to allow your toddler to explore option they typically wouldn’t go for. We will have receipts to sneak in nutrients where your toddler wont know they are eating broccoli as well as combining foods to make those less chosen foods more enticing.

We offer this in a one on one consult, class setting , or group of your friends in your home.